How Can You Make a Free Custom Sticker?


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To make a free custom sticker, use regular paper for making the sticker design, use a mix of regular glue and vinegar to make the adhesive and use contact paper or packaging tape as the sticker cover. Use water to activate the glue when affixing the sticker.

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How Can You Make a Free Custom Sticker?
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Use one sheet of regular paper to make many one large or several small sticker designs. To make the adhesive, mix one part of vinegar with two parts of regular glue.

Apply the adhesive, first lengthwise and then width-wise, on the back of the sticker using three to four wide foam brush strokes. Allow the first adhesive coat to dry before applying the second one. Let the adhesive dry completely and flatten the sticker sheet by placing it beneath a book.

To give the sticker a shine and to waterproof it, cover the sheet with packaging tape if the sticker is small. For larger stickers, use contact paper. Avoid bubbles or wrinkles when applying the sticker cover. Now, cut the sticker out from the sheet as per the design.

To affix the custom sticker, reactivate the adhesive layer by spraying water on it. Ensure that water covers the adhesive completely, but does not make it very watery. Affix the sticker on the desired area.

To make stickers that can be repositioned, use repositionable spray glues. Ensure that the spray does not cause colors to run or stain the sticker.

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