How Can You Make a Custom Glass Pipe?


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Use an MAPP torch to blow a glass tube with a closed end, taking care to use a carbon rod to create the bowl depression. Be careful not to perform this job in a cold area, as glass has a risk of shattering or exploding if it cools too quickly.

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How Can You Make a Custom Glass Pipe?
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This task requires an MAPP gas tank and torch, a heavy-walled borosilicate glass tube that's about 6 to 8 inches long, a pointed carbon rod, leather gloves, goggles and heavy clothing. The gloves, goggles and clothing are there to protect you from serious burns during the glass blowing process. Make sure to tie your hair out of the way if it is too long to prevent singes to your hair. Only remove the safety gear when the glass pipe has been completely cooled. The glass pipe needs to be blown to have a bowl, as well as a hole in the bottom of the bowl depression and a properly smoothed spot where the mouth goes for using the pipe.

A pipe may be strengthened in a kiln during this process. This helps prevent later damage that an imperfect glass blowing job could cause. Colored glass is recommended to create a desired aesthetic.

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