How Can I Make Crafts Using Jim Beam Bottles?

How Can I Make Crafts Using Jim Beam Bottles?

Jim Beam bottles can be used as a base for several craft ideas, from candle holders to soap dispensers. A popular item is a lamp made from a Jim Beam bottle. Making a Jim Beam bottle lamp requires the bottle, a lamp set, a lamp shade, a light bulb and a drill with a diamond-tip bit. The project should take less than an hour.

  1. Drill a hole in the bottle

    Wear goggles and gloves for protection when drilling. Use the diamond-tip bit to drill a hole near the bottom of the bottle for the cord. Start at an angle to keep the drill from skipping over the bottle. Once a groove is made, straighten the drill to 90 degrees to drill a straight hole.

  2. Cut the lamp wires

    Use a screwdriver to open the switch on the lamp set. Remove the wires, and cut them in half. Thread the cut wire through the top of the bottle and out of the hole at the bottom so the socket rests on the neck.

  3. Splice the wires

    Use electrical tape to splice the cut wires. Replace the spliced wires in the switch casing and screw it shut again.

  4. Finish the lamp

    Screw a low-watt light bulb into the socket. Check to make sure the lamp works. Place a shade over the light bulb.