How Can You Make Can Koozies?


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Make can koozies at home using craft foam or duct tape. Using a thicker foam provides more insulation and keeps drinks cooler for longer periods.

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To make a koozie from craft foam, take a koozie template and trace around it onto an 11-inch by 6-inch piece of foam. Cut around the outline and discard the excess foam. Next, decorate the foam; ideas include writing and drawing with marker pens, or gluing on items such as sequins and jewels. Once the decoration is complete, bring the sides of the koozie together and secure them with craft glue.

To make a basic koozie out of duct tape, wrap a strip of duct tape around a can, keeping the sticky side facing outwards. The top of the strip should sit around where the top of the can starts to narrow. Wrap another strip of tape underneath the first. Again, leave the sticky side facing out. The second strip should overlap the first by approximately 1/2 inch. Repeat this step with a third strip. Next, place a strip of tape across the bottom of the can, keeping the sticky side out. The koozie's sides and bottom are now in place. Cover the bottom and sides with a final layer of tape, this time ensuring that the sticky side faces inwards. The result is a simple koozie that does not stick to the can or your hand.

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