How Can You Make a Burlap Wreath?


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Cut 1 1/4 yards of burlap into 4x4 inch squares, fold the squares into triangles, and pull the left and right corners of the triangle to the tip of the triangle to form a bubble shape. Push a stick pin through all four corners of the material, and press the pin into a foam wreath. Continue placing additional bubbles on the wreath until the foam and pins are hidden. Tie ribbon on the top of the wreath to hang it.

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When pulling the corners of the triangle together, align the corners evenly before pinning the burlap into place. Alternately, push a piece burlap ribbon through a metal wreath frame to form a bubble, and use floral wire to secure the burlap into place.

Beginning at the outside edge and working toward the center, continue to push the ribbon up 3 inches between each space on the frame to create the appearance of bubbles. Continue pushing the burlap up between the spaces until the section is completed, and push the burlap to one side of the section.

Turn the wire frame over, and twist the burlap before moving to the next section. After covering the frame with burlap, secure the end of the ribbon with floral wire.

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