How Can You Make a Braided Leather Bracelet?

Make a braided leather bracelet by cutting slits in a strip of leather and braiding the smaller strips together. This takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of leather, a ruler, a matte knife, an awl and thread cord.

  1. Cut the leather

    Select a strip of leather for the bracelet. Use a ruler to measure three equal strips in the leather. Starting 1 inch from either side, cut two slits in the leather to make three strips. Leave the ends uncut.

  2. Fold the end through one slit

    Take the end of the leather strip, and fold it through the right slit and back down.

  3. Braid the strips

    Starting at the top, braid the strips. Fold the left strip over the middle strip, and then fold the right strip over the center strip. Braid the left over the center, and then fold the end of the strap through the gap between the left and center strips. Finish braiding the strips until you reach the bottom.

  4. Make the fastenings

    Use the awl to make holes on each end of the leather strap in the 1-inch space that has not been cut. Fasten the thread cord through the holes. Pull the ends together.