How Can You Make an Alois Trancy Costume?

How Can You Make an Alois Trancy Costume?

To create an Alois Trancy look, wear a blond wig, blue contacts and several clothing items: frock coat, vest, button-up shirt, shorts, stockings, high heel boots and ribbon. Look in a thrift store to gather the pieces.

  1. Style the hair

    Alois Trancy has a short mop of platinum blond. Put on the wig, and curl a bit of hair in the front up to the left to mimic his cowlick.

  2. Gather the clothes

    Alois wears a collarless, white tuxedo shirt with an evergreen vest. On top, he wears a purple frock coat, which may be harder to find, but any long, dark coat works for the look. The shirt is tucked into a pair of short, black shorts. Thigh-high black socks cover the legs under a pair of over the knee boots. Finish the look with floppy black bow tie or a purple ribbon tied at the neck.

  3. Add makeup

    If you do not have icy, blue eyes, use a pair of blue contacts. Alois has fair skin, so use makeup that lightens the skin tone. If you are skilled with makeup, try to slim down the profile of your nose.

  4. Accessorize

    Add a top hat or a pair of bat wings. Alois was once a vampire at a masquerade ball; he wore a red ribbon brooch with vampire fangs. The ultimate accessory is to find a friend to dress as his butler, Claude.