How Can You Look up Race Results From Santa Anita?

Individuals can look up horse race results from the Santa Anita Park racetrack on the Santa Anita website. To find results on, hover over the Horse Racing drop-down menu and click on Live Racing. Detailed results are also available on the website's news page.

On the Live Racing page, users can view recent results on the Results Chart. As of October 2015, the site publishes this chart in PDF format, and it requires Adobe Reader to view. When available, users can also find results by scrolling to the bottom of the Live Racing page and clicking on the Results tab under the Entries and Results heading.

For more information about individual horses and race results, users can click on the News tab to read press releases, the site's Stable Notes, stakes quotes and nightly recaps. The latter takes visitors to a calendar where they can choose which race night to view. Clicking on a race night pulls up a PDF file showing a win summary, exotics summary, also ran summary, claims and stake wins. Press releases provide full news articles profiling individual horses, race predictions and wins, and the News Fans tab introduces users to wagering race results. Users can also watch streaming footage of the races on the Santa Anita website.