How Can You Load Heavy Parchment Paper for Printing Greeting Cards Into a Printer?

How Can You Load Heavy Parchment Paper for Printing Greeting Cards Into a Printer?

To load heavy parchment paper for printing greeting cards into a printer, adjust the printer settings to the correct type of paper and insert the paper into the tray. On the computer, select the type of paper from the print options and press print.

Many printer models allow users to print on heavier paper like heavy parchment and card stock. This allows users to make custom greeting cards and invitations at home. To set up a printer to print on heavy parchment paper, use the following steps.

  1. Adjust the settings on the printer
  2. If the printer includes a menu function, open the menu. Scroll through the options to find the option for paper type or paper handling, then scroll to find the correct type of paper. This may be called "card stock" or "heavy." If the printer does not include a menu function, adjust the settings in the printer's driver on the computer.

  3. Load the paper
  4. Load the paper into the printer's paper tray, ensuring that the paper is loaded correctly and that the paper lines up with the paper guide in the tray. Make sure that none of the sheets are stuck together and that they are not bent or damaged.

  5. Adjust the settings in the document
  6. Open the document in an editing program. Select "Print" to open a print menu. Find the options to adjust the paper type. This options may be under the "Properties" menu. Select the correct paper type. Adjust the paper size and any other settings that apply to the paper.

  7. Print the card
  8. Press "Print" to print the card.

Some printers may not support heavy paper. Users should read their printer manuals to find out whether the printer can print on heavy parchment paper.