Where Can Little Alchemy Be Played?

"Little Alchemy" is available for play on LittleAlchemy.com, as of 2015. The game is also available as a smartphone application through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. All methods of play are free or charge.

In "Little Alchemy," the player mixes two elements to create a new element. The player starts the game with four elements: air, earth, fire and water. To mix elements, the player drags and drops one element from the side bar to the screen, and then drags and drops another element on top of the first element. After dropping the second element, a new element appears on the screen and on the side bar, which lists the player's available elements. The side bar lists elements alphabetically.

Certain combinations of elements don't produce a new element. The game tracks the player's progress by listing the number of elements the player has found, compared to the total number of elements in the game. The game also provides hints. Each hint lists a random element and the combination of elements required to create that element.

"Little Alchemy" offers day and night modes, which the player selects on the settings menu. Gameplay is identical, but night mode has a darker background. The game is available in multiple languages, which the player also selects from the settings menu.