Where Can You Find a List of Jokes Ranked As the Most Hilarious Ever?


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There are several articles available on sites like Esquire, Business Insider and 1Sphere 1People that have ranked lists of funny jokes. While humor is subjective, these sites have chosen jokes based on authors' opinions, comedians' opinions and polls. Due to the topical nature of humor, the lists may change often.

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As a way of measuring how funny a joke is, some sites have conducted surveys of their readers. The list available on 1Sphere 1People is based on an academic study of 40,000 subjects and ranks the top two jokes in the world, along with a list of the top jokes in different countries or regions. The Joke of the Day Facebook page shows the results of a survey that asked 36,000 participants to rank the top 50 jokes.

Other sites, like Esquire or Business Insider, offer lists based on the opinion of the authors. Esquire's list was chosen by 22 stand-up comedians and offers its list in the form of videos. The authors at Business Insider have chosen a list of 16 jokes from submissions made to a Quora thread.

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