Where Can You Find a List of Hilarious Short Jokes?

Where Can You Find a List of Hilarious Short Jokes?

Joke websites such as TheJokeYard.com, Jokes4Us.com and LotsOfJokes.com are fantastic sources of funny, short jokes. In fact, The JokeYard.com categorizes its short jokes according to whether they're clean, dirty, filthy or one-liners.

An example of a clean, short joke on The JokeYard.com asks why aliens don't eat clowns. The answer is that they taste funny. All the jokes listed as short on the website range in length from one to four lines. Many of the jokes on this website are clean with some play on words, though some are sexually oriented and deal with bodily functions.

Jokes4Us.com is another website that collects jokes and categorizes them. The categories include holiday, knock-knock, animal, bar and celebrity jokes. An example of a short joke on Jokes4Us.com poses the question of what lawyers wear to court. The answer is lawsuits.

LotsOfJokes.com also has a category called quick jokes. All the jokes in this category follow the question-and-answer format. Many of the jokes are questionable, but an example of a clean joke asks how many ears Davy Crockett has. The answer is three: the left ear, right ear and wild-front ear.

ThoughtCatalog.com lists a number of short jokes that it characterizes as "terrible but funny." An example of this is the one-line joke that the dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to Santa.

TopTens.com lists 10 short jokes that are actually about short people. An example of this is to say a person's mother is so short she has to slam dunk her bus fare.