Can You List Some Collectible Items?

Some collectible items include baseball cards, rare books, old coins, toys, comic books, art, stamps, fine wine, wooden antiques, fine china, jewelry or precious metals, and time pieces. In general, anything can be collected.

If the goal is to make money from the items collected, there are some items that may be a better choice than others. For instance, rare or hard to find items generally sell for more money than more mundane finds. Certain rare cards can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. The same can be said for books. First editions of hard-to-find works can also be sold for thousands of dollars in some cases.

There are also a few items that are not normally considered for collecting that could earn large sums of money. For instance, antique items that may appear to have no real value and old movie props often sell well. In one case, a New England sixpence from 1652 was bought for $35,200 in 1991 and later sold for $431,250 in 2012. In another instance, the first edition of "Action Comics" that featured the first appearance of Superman was bought by someone for $150,000 in 1997 and sold for $2.2 million in 2011.