Can You Levitate for Real?

While levitation of objects is possible using a number of scientific methods, magic tricks often use an illusion to create this effect, and there is no known way of levitating a person without the use of science or illusion. Many spiritual practices claim to be able to produce levitation of a person through various mystical techniques, but none of these have been proven to work when scrutinized.

While there are many examples of levitation in the real world, such as a helicopter using a form of levitation, true levitation has to be achieved with little to no initial energy, and should be infinitely sustainable. Scientists have discovered a number of methods to achieve this, although they all require manipulation of natural forces using various equipment and technology to function.

Diamagnetic levitation is one such example. It uses strong magnetic fields to suspend objects, and even animals and people, if the magnets are strong enough, in the air indefinitely. This works due to the fact that almost all materials and animals emit varying forms of applied magnetic fields. The size of the levitated subject is only limited by the power and size of the magnetic field generated.

Scientists explain that levitation occurrences are due to physical actions that create the illusion of levitation. Because it is unknown how the Egyptians transported large slabs of heavy stone when building the pyramids, there is speculation that the ancients used levitation to construct the monuments. Many religions have a history of levitation incidences among various saints and their followers. In Christianity, Jesus is believed to have walked on water, and some Hindu and Yogic gurus claim levitation powers.