Where Can I Get a LEGO Titanic Set?

Lego does not currently produce a Lego Titanic set for sale. An avid Lego and Titanic fan can buy a limited edition Titanic building block set from Cobi.

Creating a Titanic ship replica made from Lego blocks is possible to do without an official set. At Lego Ideas, there is an impressive model of the RSS Titanic made with Lego blocks posted for public view. This is a private project built mainly using older building blocks. Several photos taken at different angles show off the finished model. Lego encourages fans to make special models such as the Titanic and enter it as an idea for the company to consider.

According to Lego Ideas, people that share photos and descriptions of impressive projects have an opportunity for it to be taken into consideration for development. An idea must receive at least 10,000 supporter votes in order to have it seen by the company's review board. Lego states once a project reaches this level of support they will give it a fair shot. This means that if the RSS Titanic model ideal reaches 10,000 or more supporters, the company may develop a building set. One way to make this dream come true is to vote for the Titanic model and spread the word to others.