Where Can You Find the Lego "Bionicle" Computer Game?


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"The Mask of Creation" and other "Bionicle" games are available on Lego.com and in app versions. Both Amazon.com and eBay feature listings for the PC "Bionicle" and "Bionicle Heroes" games.

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The most recent "Bionicle" game as of 2015 is "Mask of Creation," which is available on Lego.com. It is also available for free via Google Play and iTunes. Some gamers who play "Mask of Creation" note that the experience is better on a tablet than on Lego.com.

There are some classic "Bionicle" games released for PC, game systems and Game Boy Advance. Amazon.com sells "Bionicle:The Game" for PC and "Bionicle Heroes" for PC, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation2, Nintendo DS and the Wii. Ebay.com also sells the PC versions of "Bionicle" and "Bionicle Heroes."

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