Can Legendary Pokemon Be Bred?


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Legendary Pokemon cannot be bred. This is because most Legendary Pokemon have no gender and although the Legendary Pokemon Heatran has a gender, it cannot breed. Manaphy has the ability to breed, but it can only produce the Pokemon Phione.

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Some players turn to breeding for several reasons. One of the most common reasons it to be able to make a copy of a rare Pokemon. Breeding is also a way to be able obtain a pre-evolved form of a Pokemon. A Pokemon that is bred is also able to acquire specific moves and abilities from one of its parents that it does not normally learn by leveling up. This gives the Pokemon better stats and the ability to create unique movesets.

Not all Pokemon are able to breed, with the Legendary Pokemon types being a good example. To be able to breed, one Pokemon must be a male and the other a female. A Pokemon may be of either gender or even genderless, and still be able to breed if it is paired with the Pokemon Ditto as long as they belong to the same egg group.

There are 13 egg groups, and the Pokemon that are able to breed are assigned to a particular group. The compatible Pokemon couple are left in the game's daycare and the man in the daycare will hint at the chances of the pair producing an egg, which is between 20 percent to 70 percent.

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