How Can You Legally Access the Game "Bejeweled" for Free?


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Play “Bejeweled” for free on arcade websites such as Zone.msn.com. You can enjoy the first “Bejeweled” game without downloading or paying for it. Players control the game using a computer mouse to click on gems that they wish to move.

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In “Bejeweled,” players have to line up three or more gems of the same color to make them disappear. When they start the game, they can choose between playing simple and timed mode. In simple mode, they get to continue until they run out of moves. In timed mode, they have to achieve the highest score possible before time runs out.

In either mode, every match that players make fills up the bonus meter at the bottom of the screen. Once the meter is completely filled, random gems disappear from the screen, earning the players more points. If they don't make a move quick enough, the game shows a possible move on the board.

In timed mode, players are unable to run out of moves. If there are no more moves on the board, the game resets the board with new gems. Timed mode doesn't use a timer to represent the remaining time. Instead, it uses the bonus meter at the bottom of the screen. If the bonus meter runs out, the game is over.

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