How Can You Learn to Be Wittier?

How Can You Learn to Be Wittier?

Some tips to be wittier include consuming clever media, learning new vocabulary, listening to others and not trying to force wittiness. While wit is an innate gift for many people, it’s also possible to take steps to be cleverer in conversation.

Conversationalists who want to hone their wit can immerse themselves in witty media to improve their skills. Whether it’s clever sitcoms, well-written TV dramas, humorous podcasts or stand-up comedy, being surrounded by cleverness ensures that some of it rubs off.

Expanding vocabulary is another method that can increase wit. The average person knows about 35,000 words but only uses around 3,000 of them regularly. Brushing up on vocabulary and learning new words can give speakers better words to describe situations more accurately. A perfectly chosen word can often be the difference between a hilarious quip and one that falls flat.

Paying close attention to others in conversation is another strategy that can help open the door to wittier statements. Truly listening, rather than just waiting for the opportunity to talk, can help reveal the subtleties of conversation and give speakers the opportunities to find witty responses to them.

Finally, it’s best not to force wit. Worrying too much about impressing others in a social situation only leads to anxiety, which can diffuse wit. Trying to relax and let things play out is more likely to lead to clever statements.