Where Can You Learn How to Solve Jumble Puzzles?

You can learn how to solve jumble puzzles at a number of websites, including JumbleSolver.me, WordPlays.com, JumbleHelper.com, YourDictionary.com and Word-Buff.com. JumbleSolver.me enables users to enter scrambled words in a search box and then returns all possible anagrams of that collection of letters. The site gives tips to help users solve jumble puzzles; for example, it suggests players pay special attention to the placement of vowels.

JumbleSolver.me also hints that players look for particular letter pairs. It advises that players try to lead with the first letter in the scramble and warns that double letters often confuse players.

WordPlays.com offers a tool that can solve puzzles with one word or multiple scrambled words. JumbleHelper.com provides boxes for game play in weekday and Sunday formats and directs users to click on circled letters to find the final solution of the puzzle.

YourDictionary.com suggests that players look for ways to form the letter combinations "ch," "sh" and "ph" and pay special attention to possible "qu" combinations. Another tip for winning jumble is to separate the consonants from the vowels and look at them separately to make the puzzle less confusing. Using Scrabble game tiles can help players more easily move letters around to test out different combinations. Some players find that writing the letters out in a circle helps them to better visualize possible answers.

Word-Buff.com advises players to set aside letters commonly found in prefixes and suffixes of words. Another tactic is to create an alphagram of the scrambled word by placing each letter in alphabetical order. With this method, players use memorization and association skills to solve puzzles. Word-Buff.com suggests using creative stories to memorize alphagrams. For example, players can remember that A-C-D-E-H-I-N yields the solutions "chained" and "echidna." Players can remember this by imagining an echidna chained to a lamppost.