How Can You Learn How to Play Mahjong?


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Rules for the various versions of mahjong are available from a variety of online sources. General rules for the official Chinese version of the game, or Guobaio Mahjong, can be found at Mastergames.com or on Wikipedia, with the complete, up-to-date document as defined by the China All Sports Federation available in PDF format at hushchina.com. Ymimports.com has basic instructions for playing the American version of the game, and instructions for playing the popular computer solitaire version are available at Wikipedia.

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How Can You Learn How to Play Mahjong?
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Many versions of the popular Chinese tile game mahjong, alternately spelled also spelled majiang or mah jongg, have evolved over time to suit various tastes and cultures. Most popular versions, like Chinese or American mahjong, are played with four players and 144 tiles that are matched into pairs and sets to score points. A popular alternative is solitaire mahjong, also known as Shanghai or computer mahjong, in which a single player attempts to clear an arrangement of 144 tiles by removing specific types of matched pairs.

In addition to providing the basic rules, websites such as Mahjong Time also include apps and resources for online play, where a user can refine there skills and understanding of the rules through practice.

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