How Can You Learn to Photograph the Human Body?

Learn to photograph the human body by taking courses in both general photography and human portraiture at a local community college or photography school as well as studying online courses and tutorials. It is also necessary to practice photographing the body using a variety of models and in numerous environments to improve your skills.

One direct method to learn how to photograph the human body is to take a course or class on the subject, which often includes direct instructions and activities that cover the important features of the process. Many community colleges offer one-time or recurring photography classes and have minimal requirements for enrollment or registration. It is common for these courses to explain special techniques for lighting and composition, as well as how to choose the appropriate equipment for the situation. These classes may only meet a single time or include multiple sessions, so be sure to check the class's schedule before signing up.

Websites such as, and also offer free tutorials on basic photography skills, which serve as the foundation for photographing the human body, as well as in-depth instructions on how to work with living subjects. In order to make use of the tips and recommendations for operating the cameras, it is imperative to obtain actual practice taking the photos. It can be helpful to use the example photographs on these sites as a reference point for practicing techniques and concepts and gauging your skill and understanding of them.