How Can You Learn the Names of Pokémon?

Learn the names of all of the Pokémon in the video game series by reviewing and memorizing the Pokedex list available on the Pokémon website. The Pokérap series of songs is also a good starting point for learning the Pokémon from the first three series of games.

Poké maintains a list of all of the Pokémon names and numbers online, as of 2015. This list provides a great reference that helps users learn to identify and name Pokémon on sight. Users may sort Pokémon by their respective numbers or alphabetically, and the Surprise Me button scrambles results. A similar list that uses in-game sprites instead of full-color illustrations of Pokémon is available at Bulbapedia.

The Pokérap series of songs includes three official songs that were released with the English dub of the Pokémon television series. The first two songs include every Pokémon from each of their respective games, and the third song includes the majority of Pokémon from the third series of games, with the exception of Relicanth and Zigzagzoon. The third song also includes Mew and Celebi, a pair of secret characters from the Pokémon video games. Memorizing the Pokérap songs provides a solid foundation for learning all of the names of the various Pokémon.