How Can You Learn to Make an Afghan Snowflake?


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Art of Tangle provides a free online pattern for crocheting a snowflake afghan panel. The panel is created using just five basic crochet stitches: chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, slip stitch and half-double crochet. To complete an afghan, 59 snowflake panels are whip-stitched together and a single crochet border is added.

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To follow Art of Tangle's snowflake afghan crochet pattern, it is necessary to first decipher the abbreviations used in the pattern so that the crafter can follow the instructions. The Craft Yarn Council explains the various abbreviations commonly used in crochet patterns and provides line drawings to illustrate the explanations.

Once the crafter has learned to decode the instructions for Art of Tangle's snowflake afghan pattern, the next step is learning to make each of the five crochet stitches needed. John Wiley and Son's, publisher of the various "For Dummies" books has an entire series of monographs online describing how to make various crochet stitches. The five basic crochet stitches used in the snowflake afghan are each described in detail on Dummies.com. Click on the link for Crafts and Hobbies, then on the link for How to Crochet, then search for each stitch that is needed to crochet the snowflake afghan.

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