Where Can You Learn Guitar Chords and Lyrics for Popular Songs Online?


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YouTube has a vast amount of tutorial videos for learning chords and popular songs that use those chords. Songs like "Royals" by Lorde, "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith and "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift are all easily found on Youtube.com, with the author demonstrating the chords both on the guitar and through chord charts. Additionally, videos show different ways of strumming the guitar for different effects in the song.

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Where Can You Learn Guitar Chords and Lyrics for Popular Songs Online?
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Another resource for finding guitar chords and lyrics is ultimate-guitar.com. This website has hundreds of songs. The search engine lets the user look for songs by title or artist name. Many of the songs listed have lyrics listed with the chords. To see how to play the chords, a chord chart pops up when the mouse hovers over the chord listed.

More advanced guitar players can read tab sheets on the same site. These charts show where to place fingers on the guitar fret, and often, where the notes fit into the structure of the song.

Chordie.com also lists songs with chords to easily learn. It has a public songbook for absolute beginners. Songs listed there are available in many styles, including country, folk and soft rock. Many of these songs feature open chords, which are often easier for beginners to play.

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