Where Can You Learn to Be Funny?


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"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Opportunity." "Don't be silly. Opportunity doesn't knock twice!" There is the opportunity, however, to take classes and workshops to learn to be funny. Additionally, there are other resources, such as social media, that may provide some clues for improving humorousness.

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Where Can You Learn to Be Funny?
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  • Take a Class
  • Those who want to learn how to be funny can look into stand-up comedy, improv or acting classes, workshops or clinics. These venues are specifically designed to teach people how to be funny, making it a great place to get questions answered.

  • Go to a Comedy Club
  • One quick and dirty way to be funny is to simply steal jokes from professionals. This isn't a good strategy for an aspiring stand-up, but for others, it can be helpful.

  • Get on Twitter
  • Twitter's character count requires users who want to be funny to think very carefully about what they're going to say. Plenty of comedians have made names for themselves by being hilarious on Twitter.

  • Hang Around With Funny People
  • Like going to comedy clubs, being around funny people may help impart some lessons on how to be humorous. Observing things like topic and delivery can help one learn by example.

  • Go to a Bookstore or Library
  • If all else fails, checking out or buying a joke book is an old standard for helping those who want to be more amusing.

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