How Can You Learn Different Knitting Abbreviations?


Learn different knitting abbreviations by studying a knitting abbreviation glossary such as the ones available on and Knitting abbreviations are generally shorthand words or symbols that indicate different knitting actions.

Craft Yarn Council offers a master list of common knitting abbreviations. Each abbreviation is shown in a column with the definition appearing directly to its right. Some abbreviations indicate specific knitting actions. For example, the knitting abbreviation "p2tog" means "put two stitches together." Other abbreviations indicate the type of stitch that is being employed. For example, "Rev St st" means "reverse stockinette stitch."'s list of knitting abbreviations includes instructional videos for abbreviations that indicate particularly complex maneuvers. For example, the abbreviation "cdd" stands for "centered double decrease." The definition provides written instructions for how to perform a centered double decrease, as well as a link to a video of the action being performed.

Knitting abbreviations are used by yarn designers and publishers. Books of knitting patterns may contain abbreviations to shorten the amount of space a pattern takes up. Knitting from patterns provides exposure to knitting abbreviations, so use a number of different patterns to start developing a working knowledge of the most commonly used knitting abbreviations.