What Can You Learn From the Blue Book of Dolls and Values?

The "Blue Book of Dolls and Values" provides information about the value and worth of dolls. It is considered the foremost industry guide for pricing antique and collectible dolls. This guide also describes how to identify a doll and factors that determine a doll's worth.

"The Blue Book of Dolls and Values" was written by Jan and Howard Foulke. There are 16 volumes as of 2015, as well as two editions of "Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls." The Foulke's books have served as the number one guide for doll valuations for the past 40 years. The Foulke's are charter members and previous officers of the National Antique Doll Dealers Association, members of the United Federation of Doll Clubs and the Doll Collectors of America.