Where Can You Find Knot-Tying Illustrations?


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OutdoorLife.com and NetKnots.com both offer photos and illustrations demonstrating tying common knots. OutdoorLife.com offers a 20-slide slideshow of notes with full-color photographs demonstrating various knot-tying techniques, and NetKnots.com publishes a chart with illustrations of knots and links to each knot that feature detailed instructions on tying the particular knot.

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Where Can You Find Knot-Tying Illustrations?
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Some of the knots included in the OutdoorLife.com slideshow include square, clove hitch, bowline, figure eight and sheet-bend knots. Others include fishermenメs, water, rolling hitch, Prusik and timber-hitch knots. On NetKnots.com, visitors find detailed tying instructions for tying dozens of knots, and visitors can sort knots by category and application with information geared toward boaters, arborists, search-and-rescue teams and scouts.

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