How Can Kids Practice Math Skills With the "Fruit Shoot" Game?


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Kids can practice their subtraction, division or multiplication depending on the version of "Fruit Splat" that they play. Players can choose the level of difficulty and whether they want to play with or without a time limit before they start the game.

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While many websites refer to the game as Fruit Shoot, the official name of the game is "Fruit Splat" followed by the type of math the player is solving. For example, the division version of the game is called “Fruit Splat Division.” However, Free-training-tutorial.com refers to the same game as Fruit Shoot Division.

Regardless of the version that students decide to play, the goal of the game is always the same. Pieces of fruit bounce around the screen with an answer on them. Underneath the player's aiming sight is a math problem. The goal is to shoot the fruit that contains the correct answer and avoid targeting the wrong fruit.

When students shoot the correct answer, their scores increase. Likewise, their scores drop if they shoot the wrong answer. In non-timed mode, players have as long as they need to answer 10 questions. Since there is no rush, the game encourages them to get all of these correct. In timed mode, players have a limited amount of time to answer as many problems as possible and earn a high score.

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