What Can Kids Collect?

Children often find satisfaction in collecting simple objects, including toys, items from nature and souvenirs from trips. Their collections need not be expensive but should include items the children find interesting. While parents should encourage collecting, they need to realize children often lose interest in one collection and move to another.

Children collect toys from various sources. The toys may come from a teacher's reward box for good behavior, or they may come included with a child's fast food meals. They might choose to collect small plastic dinosaurs or action figures from the latest movie release.

Children collect many items from nature as they play. Some gather rocks and leaves. Such collections help to develop children's senses of observation and interaction with the natural world. As children mature, simple field guides help them identify the objects in their collections. Simple storage containers, such as egg cartons for rock collections, help to keep the treasures safe and organized.

Common vacation collections include postcards, magnets and key chains. These collections become special because of the memories they evoke. Family and friends often help to build the collections by picking up a small souvenir for children as they travel. Collecting helps children learn delayed gratification as they save their own money for the purchase of adding to their collections, according to BabyCenter.