How Can Kids Build Leprechaun Traps?


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Kids can build leprechaun traps with a shoe box, some construction papers, crayons, green paint and a small cup. They also need a pipe cleaner, some pennies or toy gold coins, scissors and glue.

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To build a leprechaun trap, kids need to paint a shoebox green. Then they draw a rainbow on a piece of construction paper, cut out the rainbow and glue it to the shoebox. They need to cut a small square at the top of the shoebox and make sure that they leave one side of the square uncut.

Cut up the pipe cleaner into three equal parts to make a leprechaun ladder and glue it to the side of the shoebox. Put some pennies or toy coins in the small cup and put it in front of the rainbow. Finally, leave some coins on the shoebox to lead the leprechaun to the trap.

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