Where Can You Find Instructions for Shark Tag for Kids?


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Instructions for playing the shark tag game, also commonly referred to as Sharks and Minnows, are available on sites such as FCAREsources.com, PlayWorks.com, Tripod.com and UltimateCampResourse.com. These sites also contain information about variations on the standard rules and tips for managing players of different ages.

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To play Sharks and Minnows, one player is designated as the shark and the others as minnows. The shark starts in the middle of a defined play area and walks around saying "Fishy, fishy come out and play" or a variation of the sort, while the minnows slowly walk around the area. The shark then calls out "Shark attack" and chases the minnows down while they run to the boundaries of the zone. If the shark tags the minnows, they become sharks as well.

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