Where Can You Find Instructions for How to Play Bunco?


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PrintYourOwnBunco.com has a How to Play tab that provides the rules. Since Bunco is a social game played at parties, the home page has different party-themed score sheets to print out. Dice Game Depot also has the rules for Bunco.

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Where Can You Find Instructions for How to Play Bunco?
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Bunco is a dice game for 12 people distributed between three tables; there are two teams at each table, and each table has a set of three dice. One table is designated as the head table, and it starts and stops each game.

Play starts when a player at the head table rings a bell. Taking turns, a player rolls one set of dice repeatedly until he scores no points and then passes the dice to the next player on the left. A bunco is rolling three of the same number as the round being played; for example, rolling three 1s on the first round, three 2s on the second, and so on. A bunco scores 21 points for a team. Rolling three of a kind but not the same as the round earns a team five points, and one point is awarded for each number rolled that is the same as the round. When a team at the head table scores 21 points, the bell is rung again and play stops.

After each game, teams change places or tables, and another game begins. At the end of play, the team with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, the team with the most buncos wins.

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