Where Can You Find Information About Magic Spells?


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Spells of Magic, Lucky Mojo, Spells and Magic and Magic Spells & Portions provide comprehensive information on magic spells and the art of casting spells. Spells have different functions and are grouped by the colors white, black, red, green and purple.

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Where Can You Find Information About Magic Spells?
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White magic spells are gentle and protective. They shield users from black magic, reverse evil spells and bless new ventures. Black magic spells are harmful, attract wrathful spirits and are used to exert revenge against enemies or to wreak havoc. Red magic spells resolve matters that relate to love, such as finding new lovers, enforcing fidelity and increasing fertility. Green spells bring about financial prosperity. Purple spells manipulate people by bending their will. They increase personal success and attract helpful spirits.

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