How Can You Improve Your Singing?


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To improve lung strength and capacity, gently warm up with singing exercises every day. Singing along with recorded music helps to improve note recognition, and recording the voice while singing and then listening provides valuable insight that may otherwise go unnoticed. Singing for someone improves confidence and is a good way to receive feedback.

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Alcohol, tea and coffee cause dehydration, so avoid drinking them while singing. It is important to have water available while singing. Avoid singing if the throat is not feeling well, resting it until it is fully healed. Avoid smoking or being around smoke. Allow time to rest, and avoid pushing too hard. To prevent strain, always warm up before rigorous singing.

Proper breathing techniques improve singing. Breath in through the nose, and release breaths through the mouth and nose together. Keep shoulders at an even level, and try not to tense them. Take deep breaths, and feel them in the lower lungs. Try to push the diaphragm and waist outward while breathing in. Practicing these breathing techniques improves air capacity and helps to improve technique.

To find an individual's range, have them sing a note that sounds most natural. From that note, pitch up to the highest note possible. Start at the same initial note, and pitch down until reaching the lowest possible note. The range is all of the notes between the lowest and highest notes.

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