Where Can You Find Images of Zoo Animals?


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Images of zoo animals can be found on the National Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Saint Louis Zoo websites. All three sites have ample images of animals held within their respective zoos.

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Where Can You Find Images of Zoo Animals?
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The Smithsonian National Zoological Park features a comprehensive list of categories of zoo animals. Both a text list and an image list of categories are available, and they include groups like giant pandas, great cats, birds and primates. The galleries include multiple images that can be viewed individually with a brief information section about the animal. The photographer's name is also listed. A list of full-size thumbnails for each gallery is available for viewing.

The San Diego Zoo has a website specifically for its animals, which includes galleries of the animals on the premises. Also included is a glossary of important terms relating to the animals, live cams for instant, real-time viewing of the animals, and videos. The zoo provides a section on the site for visitors to send in pictures for display.

The Saint Louis Zoo site has a long list of the animals living at the zoo, and each species has its own page. Most of these pages include images, and they all offer fun facts and basic information about the species.

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