Where Can You Find Images of Mummies?


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The Virtual Egyptian Museum collection and tour features images of mummies and sarcophagi, with both whole and detailed views. Displays include text description and explanation. The California Institute of World Archeology has opted to use a virtual museum to avoid problems inherent in maintaining a large, ancient collection.

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Where Can You Find Images of Mummies?
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The British Museum 2015 virtual tour Mummy: The Inside Story explores the "life" of mummies, from the grave site and sarcophagus to the body and skeleton. Text accompanies the images to explain modern computerized, non-intrusive excavation, the mummification process and the cultural meaning of items from the grave site.

For images without accompanying text explanation, Wikimedia Commons includes a category specific to mummies in the Cairo Egyptian Museum. The images are downloadable, with copyright noted; most require only attribution for non-commercial use.

Unfortunately, holdings in the Cairo museum have suffered during recent years of Egyptian political upheaval. In 2011, looters damaged museum displays and stole artifacts during the protests in nearby Tahrir Square. In 2015, a failed restoration effort damaged King Tut's funerary mask in a hurried attempt to return the museum's famous attraction to display.

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