How Can You Identify the Different Types of California Pottery Marks?


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The Potteries of California website is a helpful resource for fans and collectors of California pottery. The site offers images of marks and text descriptions of marks. Images of marks are listed by the name of the pottery that produced it and in alphabetical order. Marks listed by text are listed as the mark appears in text. There is also an "unknown" gallery for pottery with unidentifiable marks.

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California pottery may or may not be marked with the state's name or with any type of mark. Pottery collectors often have to identify pottery by the shape, glaze, or style. If a piece is marked with Calif or California, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is old or vintage. The piece could be from a modern company.

In addition to the Potteries of California website, there are many resource books and pottery groups that can help to identify pottery marks. Pottery enthusiasts can be a wealth of information, and many who are familiar with California pottery can save a new collector a lot of research time tracking down the origin of a mark.

Some pottery marks are more difficult to identify, and it is this aspect of pottery collecting that many enjoy. Seeking out the originator of the hand-crafted piece is part of the thrill of collecting.

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