Where Can You Find Ideas for Making a Snowman?


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Ideas for building the best and funniest snowman on the block are found at Hallmark.com. Photos of an additional 67 snow sculptures are available at Things to do with kids and BuzzFeed.

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Helpful tips to turn a rookie snowman builder into a master sculptor include beginning by rolling a batch of snowballs into varying sizes, and storing them in a shady spot until construction begins. Wet snow that easily forms a round snowball works best. Dump powdery snow into a bucket and mix with small amounts of water to create a slush that molds easily and works well for cementing snow balls together.

If the sun is shining, dig down to a depth near the ground and retrieve snow from where it is coldest. When stacking snow balls, flatten the bottom and top of each sphere. Loosen the snow on the top ball before twisting it into place to make the entire structure more sturdy.

Fill the snowman's hat and mittens with snow to add shape and provide strength for windy days. The most classic element in a snowman's personality is a uniquely shaped carrot for the nose. However, a creative snowman builder uses whatever is available to add character to the art.

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