How Can You Know the History and Value of Collectible Spoons?


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To find the history and value of collectible spoons, first look for a hallmark or maker's mark on the back side of the spoon. Use a hallmark guide from a collector's book or guide to try and identify the mark. Once you know the maker, research the approximate value of the spoon by looking for recent auctions of similar spoons. Alternately, have the spoon appraised by a professional.

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Be sure to take photos of the spoon from several different angles, and upload the photos to your computer or print physical copies to keep for your own records. Keep a detailed record of what the spoon looks like and its dimensions. Mark down any writings, serial numbers or symbol locations and what they say or look like.

Use a collector's book or guide to identify marks on the spoon and discover any history behind the companies or makers of the collectibles. Add the name of the company and the country of origin to your written record. If the history is not available through a book or guide, research the mark or name found on the spoon on an auction site to find the name of the company. Once you know the name of the company, research the history of the company at a library or through an appraiser.

Some other options for determining the value of a spoon is through a recent silverware guide. If you choose to use an appraiser, take a copy of all notes and photos. Be prepared for the silver identification mark to be varied in value from one country to another.

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