Where Can I Find a Happy Holiday Barbie Pricing Guide From 1996-2004?


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Currently, there are no price guides in book format available specifically for Happy Holidays Barbies. However, owners can search a number of online sites which offer updated estimates of current values based on recent auction and doll store prices. Sites include BarbieValues.com and IGuide.com

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There are many price guides published for Barbie dolls and accessories. Most of the books, however, focus solely on Barbie dolls produced from 1959 to the early 1990s.

These price guides occasionally include references to the Happy Holiday Barbie line produced from 1996-2004, but by the time the guides are published, the prices are often out of date and no longer match the current value of the dolls.

To help people interested in selling or buying Happy Holiday dolls, some Barbie collectors have compiled data on sales of the dolls based on results from such sites as Ebay.com and online retail doll and toy stores.

When searching these sites, take care to examine when the data was compiled, as well as any information about the dates of auction sales listed. Values of any Barbie doll are also dependent on condition, whether it has been stored in its original box or removed and placed on display. Barbies in their original boxes have the highest value. Dolls that show signs of wear, fading, removal of original clothing or any kind of damage are much less likely to sell on the secondary market.

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