Where can you find the GTA IV tank cheat and other cheats?


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The cheat for the APC, a heavily armored military vehicle sometimes inaccurately referred to as a tank, featured in "The Ballad Of Gay Tony," is available on several game sites, including GameFAQs.com and IGN.com. However, a GTA IV tank cheat does not exist, as the Rhino tank from previous games was not implemented in GTA IV. You can also acquire the APC by killing all 50 seagulls in Liberty City.

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In GTA IV, input cheats by opening the main character's phone and entering the desired cheat number, designed to resemble a phone number. Most cheat codes in GTA IV disable some, but not all, achievements in-game. Some cheats require DLC expansions purchased separately from the main game, namely "The Ballad Of Gay Tony" and "The Lost And The Damned," which include different campaigns and protagonists than the main game.

Cheats for other games are available on the aforementioned sites by typing the title of the game into the search bar at the top. After the search is complete, the site presents a list of games related to or spelled similarly to your query. If any cheats are available, a "cheats" link near the game's title leads to a page with cheat codes and instructions for inputting them.

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