How Can You Take Good Photographs of the Moon?


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Taking good photos of the moon requires a decent camera, ideally a DLSR configured for night-time photography, and a long zoom lens with a tripod can help make sure excellent shots are captured. Post processing in Photoshop or similar software can also help create a better overall image.

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How Can You Take Good Photographs of the Moon?
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The steps below provide a tried and tested approach for capturing great images of the moon.

  1. Check the lunar calendar
  2. The first step is make sure the moon will be clear enough to capture. Checking the lunar calendar online is a good way to know when the moon is visible for photography. It can also be worth heading out of heavily lit areas, such as cities, as light pollution can make it more difficult to get a clear shot of the night sky.

  3. Zoom and equipment
  4. Use a zoom to get a more detailed image, and mount the camera on a tripod for stability. It can also be helpful to use a remote shutter release. This device will allow the photographer to take shots without directly manipulating the camera, reducing the chance of shaking the device when taking shots.

  5. Touch up in Photoshop
  6. Once some good images have been captured, post processing software can help increase the vividness or brightness of the moon itself and enhance the night sky and background, leading to a higher overall quality.

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