Where Can You Get a Glossary of Common Knitting Pattern Abbreviations?


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A glossary of common knitting pattern abbreviations can be found onwebsites Tricoteurs, Knitting101, Knitting Patterns & Lessons and Craft Yarn Council. Users canusea search function to locate the pages with abbreviations or follow the sites' menus.

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A knitting pattern gives step-by-step instructions how to complete a knitted piece, with the use of abbreviations. To start any project, the first abbreviated instruction will normally be CO, which means cast on a certain number of stitches on knitting needles. Casting on is preceded by making a slip knot, which patterns usually do not mention, as stated by Craft Yarn Council.

The pattern then usually proceeds listing rows one by one or in numbered groups, and specifying which stitches to use on that row. Row One will normallybe the first row of the right side, abbreviated RS. Wrong side is written as WS.

The pattern may ask to repeat a particularrow order, for example, knit one stitch, purl one stitch on the right side, and purl one stitch, knit one stitch on the wrong side for a number of rows, or until the piece reaches a particular length. This is donewith the abbreviation Rep, meaning repeat. Asterisks are put around a setof instructions, which are carried outrepeatedly within one row. Binding off, abbreviated BO, completes theknitted piece.

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