Where Can You Find Glass Bottle Caps?


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Many bottling and canning vendors and novelty outlets stock glass bottle caps of various types ranging from threaded caps to bail wire hook caps; three such websites are Bottle Cap Co., General Bottle Supply and eBay. These sites offer consumers a chance to buy bottle caps in bulk or in small lots suited to private bottling and other small-scale bottling enterprises.

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Where Can You Find Glass Bottle Caps?
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Bottle Cap Co. stocks a huge range of bottle caps, but it is primarily vested in the sale of beer bottle caps. The company sells both screw-on and twist-off caps along with several other novelty and unique caps, such as corkscrew wire caps and other variations on common designs.

General Bottle Supply has a very broad inventory and ships in bulk and in smaller lots. It offers bottle caps sized to many different common bottle formulations, including glass caps for classic glass milk bottles, various caps for common soda pop bottles and many other types of distinctive and normal bottle caps.

eBay is an online auction site where collectors and sellers can buy and sell various items such as bottle caps. The site hosts a wide and ever-changing array of bottle caps for sale by auction, including various glass bottle caps. Auctions let buyers potentially get goods for a lower price.

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