What Can Girls Learn From Polly Pockets Games?

What Can Girls Learn From Polly Pockets Games?

Polly Pocket online games are not specifically geared toward education, but all the games features elements of fashion, colors, matching, rhythm and repeating patterns. Girls can learn about fashion, merchandising and commerce. By playing these online games, girls can earn points toward purchasing Polly Pocket items from the virtual store.

The online Polly Pocket games also offers girls a change to play adventure-based games with themes of friendship, sharing and compassion. The games usually reinforce concepts like positive communication, being helpful and listening to instructions.

The Polly Pocket website also offers a variety of printable activities, games and coloring pages for girls to enjoy at home. These games include matching games, connect the dots, drawing games, mazes and more.

Polly Pocket also offers an "Adventure Tracker," which allows parents to see what a child is doing on the Polly Pocket website. It tracks games played, points scored and items purchased in the Polly Pocket virtual store. This provides parents with opportunities to regulate the time spent on the site and in what areas.

Use Polly Pocket online gaming as an opportunity to teach girls about online safety. Teach girls to protect personal and private information and not share addresses, names or phone numbers.