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Girl Scout Gold Award projects typically focus on helping those in need, including special-needs children, animals and kids with mental health problems. They also focus on educating others about issues, skills or the arts. Girl Scouts working toward their Gold Award must find an issue, develop a plan to address it, execute the plan and inspire others. Achieving the Gold Award makes girls eligible for several college scholarships.

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Girl Scout Gold Award ideas that focus on helping others include organizing a pet adoption event, creating a buddy system for disabled kids, spearheading a project to discourage texting while driving and working with senior citizens in assisted-living facilities. Other projects that have been successful in the past include creating a website to support the LBGT community at a local high school, arranging for free medical screenings for low-income families and designing art-therapy projects.

Ideas for Girl Scout Gold Award projects that are educational in nature include teaching younger girls about Girl Scouting, creating a system to let people donate musical instruments to schools, educating kids about bicycle safety, teaching dance and fitness to little girls and educating preschoolers about animal and marine life. Additional projects that girls have completed include educating parents and students about cyberbullying, teaching scientific principles to children and developing a hands-on experience to teach students about the effects of pollution.

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