Can Fun Online Games Teach Math to Kids?


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Online games, as well as games in other forms, can be fun and used to teach math. If a game is not boring or repetitive, children are more likely to focus, and they end up spending more time learning the mathematical concepts and skills than they would doing traditional worksheets.

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Can Fun Online Games Teach Math to Kids?
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The benefits of math games are manifold. In addition to teaching basic math skills, games require students to use a variety of problem-solving skills, such as organizing information, trying different strategies, and creating and testing different hypotheses. Games also improve communications skills, hand-eye coordination, memory and visual discrimination.

Games create meaningful situations in which children are motivated to make their own decisions. Games also provide an environment for positive reinforcement that can help to reduce the fear of failure for weaker students while further bolstering students who are already good at math. Group games provide greater interaction amongst students allowing them to learn different strategies and ideas from others.

Teachers can also use games to assess their students in a non-threatening way, since students' thinking and reasoning becomes obvious during their interactions with the games. Games are also great tools because they can be used at school and home. With games, children are able to operate independently of the teacher, because the game typically motivates them to stay on task.

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