How Can You Fashion a Homemade Hobo Costume?

Homemade hobo costumes consist of tattered clothing, dingy shoes, beat up hats and props. Most of the required items can be found at home, but thrift stores may offer even more realistic clothing options.

  1. Assemble clothing

    Hobos wear old, faded, ripped clothing that is often a size or two too large. Jeans or painter's pants work well for hobo costumes. Cut holes in the knees and fray the cuts and hems. Add other rips to the pants if desired. Long sleeve flannel shirts complete the clothing for the costume. The elbows can be ripped or cut. Both the pants and shirt can have fabric patches sewn or glued onto them, and everything should look as old and worn out as possible.

  2. Accessorize with hats and shoes

    Straw hats, baseball caps or bandannas work well for homemade hobo costumes. Dirty, ripped and ratty hats give the costume an authentic look. Work boots or old tennis shoes complete the hobo look. Shoes, like the other components, should be old, worn out and too big. They can even be mismatched.

  3. Finish with props and makeup

    A hobo costume is not done until props are added. A stick or broom handle with a bandanna tied on the end to hold the hobo's "belongings" is a requirement. Stuff the bandanna with cloth, rags or stuffing to make it look authentic. Scraggly hair and eyebrows and a beard, either grown or drawn in with makeup, finish the homemade hobo costume.